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Good News and Bad News...

2013-06-05 15:13:16 by therawkhawk64

Well, if any of you liked my project "Paper Mario: The Epic Saga", I have some bad news. That project is now officially cancelled. I tried to motivate myself to work on it, but just couldn't. It was too much of a hassle to assemble all the sprites together, on top of coordinating all the pieces. However, this bad news is followed by some good news.

I have started another sprite animation project, entitled "Saga of Heroes", using many different characters. An anime-style intro (spoiler alert right now) is currently in the works, and then I'll get right in with a prologue. Right now, I'm working on gathering resources. I have most of the sprites I need, and am working on getting the few that I do need, as well as various sound effects.

Well, for those of you who cared to watch the prologue to my Flash series PM:TES, I am here to tell you that Episode 1 animation is now underway!